Bannon’s Big Plan

Former Breitbart editor, former Trump advisor, open white supremacist and generally offensive  human being has a plan.  He wants to start a movement, called “The Movement,” to encourage right wing (i.e. racist) parties in Europe.
Now, there are a couple of  reasons why this  is  disturbing.  One is the timing.  While most Americans are angry at Trump for not opposing Russian meddling in U.S. elections (which, for the record, I remain unconvinced about), and Putin and others have pointed out how frequently Americans have interfered in other nation’s elections, Bannon is going to go ahead and interfere openly.  I question whether he should  be allowed to even visit Europe, if he’s got that attitude.
Europe, which I love and which  is where I live, already has a problem with neo-Nazis, and the politicians Bannon has already met with (LePen in France, Farage in England, Orban in Hungary) are a huge part of that problem.  They are still a minority, I  think, in most European countries, but they are vocal and this is not going to help.  Europe does, in fact, have a history  of extreme right wingers gaining political power.  Yes, I’m  talking about the Nazis.

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