The Case for an Open Border

The U.S.A. should, in fact, open up its borders and let in all  the immigrants who want to come, and not just because it  would be the right  thing  to  do.  It would also be of tremendous benefit to the future of the country.  Here’s why:
A long time ago, when the America’s were still a savage land and nobody had even imagined the United States, fireworks on the 4th of July, or NFL football, there was a crazy religious group called the Puritans who  believed in dressing in  black and giving their daughters weird names like Chastity and Abstinentia, and there was an even crazier subsect that nobody liked, sort of like Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the Mormons, and they were so unpopular that they had to leave England.  So they went to Holland.  Holland accepts everybody, right?  But, even the famously tolerant Dutch have their limits, and they had to  leave there, too,  so they lit out for America.
Well, time went on and many  more people  came to America.  There were some religious fanatics among them, but mostly it was more normal people, coming because they were running from the law, or a bad marriage, or wanted an adventure and to make a lot of  money.  Still, the hard core Christians continued to breed, and, like many religions, they  felt it a duty  to  have  large families and carry on the  traditions.

Which is why approximately a third of all  Americans don’t believe in global warming, or  evolution.  It is why approximately a third of  all Americans believe creationism should be taught in schools.  It is why approximately a third of all Americans mistrust anybody with a college education, and look on science  as something to  be avoided.
These kind of people are  a threat  to  any modern, technological  society.  By my very rough calculations, if about 40 million immigrants come into the country, that would shrink  that third to about a fourth.
We’d be able to elect intelligent representatives, and get a whole lot of good shit  done.

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