Maria Butina

Maria Butina, Maria Butina, I haven’t written anything about Maria Butina yet, butina second I will.
First off, it makes me laugh whenever I  hear people talking about spies.  It just conjures up images of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and James Bond, and Austin Powers: The SpyWho Shagged Me, which I think is possibly the best movie title ever.
I think actual spying is outmoded, which is  what makes it so  comical.  Do you want to know what’s happening in Russia?  Learn Russian and get on the internet.  There’s more information there than anybody knows how to deal with.  The social, economic and political  ideas of all the world are there, and Russia is no exception.  If you want to know about  troop movements and such, you’ve got satellites.
I guess the charge is ‘unauthorized Russian agent,’ which is a lot less dramatic and probably a bit closer to the truth.

I’ve just been reading a bit  from  her blogs.  Basically, she loves guns, and doesn’t care for the way they’re heavily regulated in Russia and wants to start a Russian version of the NRA. You can’t hate her for that.  I mean, not any more than you’d hate your average American gun nut.
Still, it doesn’t quite explain  how all the money got into the NRA that they then gave to the Republican party.  That’s a bit dodgy.
So, we will see.  I  hope.

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