Misplaced Rage

I don’t know how many  people have seen the story, I think mostly the people who are obsessed with arguing about everything, and people who pay a lot of attention to Sarah Silverman.  Seems she’s catching a bit of flak for something she tweeted in 2009.
It was a joke which was very un-PC, certainly by 2018 standards, which are starting to be a bit restrictive for my tastes, but apparently wasn’t enough to  raise  eyebrows at the time.  It wasn’t as if these  were notes in her diary that are now being revealed, it was a tweet, which she put out in  public, and I think it’s still  there.
I thought it was kind of a funny joke.  She tweeted: “Is it still child molestation  if  the  child makes the  first move.  I’m  going  to need  a quick  answer on this.”  I almost literally lol’ed, but it’s late and people are sleeping.
Anyway, one of my Facebook friends, from one of the Bernie sites I frequent, posted “Sarah Silverman is a disgusting piece of shit” on a black field with  a couple  of thumbs down emojis.  I’m pretty  sure that the tweets are just an excuse.   A lot of Bernie people  have never forgiven her for  her ‘You are being ridiculous’ quote.  That, in my opinion, is  ridiculous.  She  backed Bernie in  the primaries, so she’s cool  in my book.
And, as far as I’m concerned, she can go ahead and keep on not being PC.  She’s a comedian, for fuck’s sake.

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