Day One

We are at our Air B and B in Maribor, Slovenia, and a lovely little town it is.  The trip down  was  relatively uneventful.  We were on the road by 8:30, about  an hour later than we’d planned, but traffic was light the whole  way, and we made very few stops.
We got here at just past four but our  contact (Pavlina, but it turned out to be a guy.  We’re not sure if his girlfriend is Pavlina and it’s her flat, if he is using a fake profile because maybe people are more inclined to  rent from a woman than a man, which would strike me as silly, or maybe Pavlina can be a man’s name in Slovenian, i.e. not Pauline but Paulie) was not reachable.  So, we went into the  center for some sightseeing, which turned out to be way more than walking distance, and it was seriously damned hot, so we eventually got on a bus.  We dabbled our feet in a  fountain, walked a bit along the river, had some pizza (which was not cheap, but it  was massive) and some ice cream, and came back.  On the way back, a baby on  the bus started screaming because I was trying to play peek-a-boo with her.  That happens sometimes.
The language is incredibly similar to Czech, I find I can  read about half the signs (which is about as much as I can actually read in Czech).  Thanks is hvala, which is easy to remember because chvalit, in Czech, is the verb ‘to praise.’  Please is prosim, which is the same.  Strawberries are jagody, but that’s the same in most Slavic languages, putting a g where Czechs would put an h.
Tomorrow we are getting up early, we want to make the ferry in Split at 3 o’clock, so I’m out for the night.  Good night.

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