A Day in Split

Day 2 of the vacation in a way followed the same trajectory, the same plot chart as the first.   All of the details are different of course, but  ‘smooth start, everything goes kerflooey, all’s well that ends well.’
We did get up and on the road early, as planned, it was 6:05 in the morning when we left Maribor.  We’d been warned there might be traffic jams so when they appeared, we weren’t surprised.  The first one, we were still in Slovenia, and we managed  to get off the freeway before we became part of the line and, even though it was slowing us down, we saw a lot of beautiful scenery.  Hilly woodlands, small farms here and there, ponies, sheep, cows.  The second one was at the border, which is kind of weird because Slovenia and Croatia are both in the EU.  They were just looking at everybody’s passport and waving them through, so it didn’t take too long.  There were a couple of others, but we still got into split at about 1 o’clock, and our ferry was scheduled for  3.    So, no  pressure.  We wandered around the dock area a bit, but mostly just waited and then…three cars before  us, they were full  and we were out of luck.  Had to wait and catch the 9 o’clock ferry.

Well, we were plenty pissed off but there was nothing for it.  So, we locked up the car and walked into town.  Split is kind of amazing.  Smooth paving tiles reminded me of Dubrovnik, and there was an old castle, and the old town area was a lot like Prague’s, interesting little shops down every narrow street.  The prices at the restaurants on the waterfront were insane, so I was bitching about that, and it was blazing hot so everybody was complaining about that and we weren’t the only ones, you could see on  the faces of many a passerby that they were beaten by the heat.  (I am now sitting in a cool room in front of an open window at 1 a.m. after a cold shower and I broke out in a sweat just writing that, that’s how hot it was)  But, we eventually found a burger place that was only mildly extortionate, and the food was good, and we went to the beach and went in wading even though we’d left our swimsuits in the car and the kids just went in swimming wearing shorts, and then we went to the market place and bought some fruit and I got myself a new hat and Isabel said  she  was glad we missed  the first ferry.

The one at 9 o’clock  which was a cool, uncrowded ride with the lights on the randomly dispersed islands floating over the water and a big, orange moon rising.
And here we are on the island of Vis.

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