Let me just hammer this out quickly as it is past 10 and people want to get to bed.  We have just arrived at our air B and B for the next two nights, in  the Slovenian town of Celje, which we selected because it was about as far as we could drive in an afternoon after the ferry dropped us in Split at 2:40.
It is meteorologically a relief to be back, sort of, in northern lands.  Although a Slovenian might object to that description, there is a sharp split a couple hours north of split when the barren and rocky hillsides start to sprout trees and you know you are in a land where rainfall is at least an occasional occurrence, an outside possibility.  We got to Vis at 9 a.m. this morning to put the car in line for the noon ferry, and it was a damned good thing we did.  As the boat pulled away from the dock, we watched as the last 15 or so cars got turned down.  They really should organize that better.  With only a few ferries a day, it’s a serious inconvenience.
Tomorrow we will tour the sites of Celje (our accommodations are a bit different than most places we’ve stayed.  They’ve actually got it set up for tourists, with a list of sites to see written on a chalkboard on the wall) and probably drive into Ljubljana, which is not far, and then we’re staying here tomorrow night and tomorrow driving home, but we want to make a stop in Austria at Klagenfurt (I think that’s how it’s spelled) which has a “mini-world” attraction, miniatures of all the great sites of the world, so we’ll pack a world tour into one afternoon.  Something like Legoland, I suppose, and we quite liked Legoland when we went there many years ago and Sam wandered off and I got seriously pissed off at him, the kids were 8 and 4 at the time, I think.

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