Last Day on the Island

Tomorrow we will get up early, drive over to the other town on the island, and catch a 9 a.m. ferry for Split.  We still  have a couple  of days of vacation left, so we will move slowly  toward Prague, seeing a few more things on the way.
In honor of our last day here, we made it a three beach day.  One which we liked a lot and two we hadn’t tried yet.  The last one was rather spectacular, it covered a whole bay and had an area of large, flat rocks where you could lay  your towel.  I saw a school of fish leap  from the water, like a living rainbow.  But, I was the only one who saw it.  The kids were looking the other direction  and Helena was on shore.  Sort of the opposite of yesterday’s dolphin experience.
We also had lunch at the restaurant we’d enjoyed the most of those we tried here, and it did not disappoint.
I am now absurdly tired.  It’s not that there was a tremendous amount of physical  exertion today.  But there was a lot of heat, and a hell of a lot of time spent in the water.

The first day we were here I got an idea for a poem and I haven’t fleshed it out yet, so it’s hard to say if I will.  The idea is that every island is a world, complete unto itself, with its own unique geography, population, climate, economy and lifestyle, but on the other hand every world is an island, isolated in space.  What’s small  is big, what’s big is small, but both are complete, and both are isolated in the vastness all around them.
Our Air B and B contact came over, to collect payment, and brought us a local dish, sort of a vegetable pie, which we’ll take with us and enjoy  on the road.  We told her how much we loved it here and she said, yes, it’s wonderful for tourists, but kind of a boring place to live, which didn’t surprise me.  She said she tries to go to Split almost every weekend.
We all  crave what we don’t have.


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