Kinetic Energy

I saw a thing the other day, and I’m not going to try to find the link.  You can just take my word for it that this exists, that this is happening, or not.  If it isn’t a thing, it should be.  It was out of China, which is no surprise, because China is cutting edge in so many things lately, and energy production is high on the list.  The Japanese are winning in the robotics and AI fields, but China is absolutely kicking butt in infrastructure.

They are manufacturing (or at least they have conceptualized, which is step 1) solar panels which also produce energy while it’s raining.  Kinetic energy.  The romantic pitter-patter of rain on an old tin roof may be replaced by rain, almost silently, recharging your house.  See, they’re still solar panels because they could be anything, really.    If you put some tiles over a series of springs attached by wires to a generator, and you’re going ot get the same.
Like regular solar panels (which they are, except for some fancy high tech stuff in the center, the cream in  the middle of the bonbon), they could be put up damned near anywhere.  In hot climates, the area of the Earth which is soon to be uninhabitable, places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Cairo, Istanbul and Bangkok, these could be built over every parking lot.  In the future, when cars are illegal, those spaces would then become viable multi-use structures because all you need, really, is a floor and a ceiling.  In a hot enough climate, walls are totally superfluous.

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