Mama Mia, Here We Go Again

The original plan was for me and Sam to take the bus up to the cottage today and then come back tomorrow but Sam informed me this morning that he had to work tomorrow so  I called Helena and she said ‘well, I  guess we’re coming home tonight then,’ so I unpacked my computer, which  is why I’m typing this now on  her computer which has a weird habit of suddenly moving the cursor back to the beginning of whatever I’m writing every time I try to  capitalize something, so I’m going to try and do that as little as possible.

Anyway, we got to Turnov and Helena picked us up  there but on  the way to the cottage  she decided to stop at a pharmacy to get some cream because  Sam’s got this outbreak  on his  face which I just assumed was a bad case of acne but the lady at the counter said you need to take him to  a doctor and get something prescribed so we did and the doctor prescribed something and told him not to go into work tomorrow or for the next week  and football camp is out too, so Helena said ‘well, it looks like we can stay overnight after all,’ which allowed for  her original plan, which was to drive into  Semily, which compared to Kotelsko is like Metropolis, they’ve got a movie theater and all, and see  Mama Mia, the completely superfluous sequel.
Isabel, and our niece Natalie came along, and I think they enjoyed it pretty well, as did Helena, and, despite my reservations about  why the movie was made in the first place, I  liked it O.K. in the end.
Like the first one it had just about  the right mixture of shmaltzy plot, jokes based on stereotypes, beautiful scenery, and music to keep  you entertained for an  hour and a half.
The fact that it was filmed on Vis, the island we just visited, was also interesting but, really, it could  have  been  anywhere.  Well, not quite anywhere, but you know what I mean.

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