The Most Classless Person Ever

The presidency, I’m sure, is  a tough job.  Trying to protect the environment, not tank  the economy, negotiating with foreign  powers who all have different interests, and so on.  But, there are some easy things, some things they can get right almost automatically: sending congratulatory letters to people on their hundredth birthday, rushing aid to disaster zones, and making a nice little eulogy and speech of condolence when somebody dies, things like that.
Well, Trump has a track record of screwing up even the small  stuff, so I was wondering how he would react to Aretha Franklin’s passing.  I figured he would just let it slip by and spend the day slamming Bannon and Omarosa, because all of Trump’s former employees are crazy, or incompetent, or dogs.
But he did worse than that.  He praised her, of course,  and said she was a wonderful woman “who worked for me on  several occasions.”
I doubt that very much.  She achieved stardom in  her young 20s, back when the Donald was merely the spoiled college student son of a racist slumlord.  He hadn’t even had his first lawsuit yet, much less his first bankruptcy.  The other point is that Aretha Franklin was not only a great singer, she was also pretty political.  She knew Martin Luther King personally, and championed several causes which Trump would have heartily disapproved of.
So, for him to say she worked for him (unless it is technically true, like maybe one time she sang at an event he had his name associated  with) is slanderous.  Maybe  he’s confusing her with Omarosa, because there can’t have been that many black  women who’ve ever worked for him.  Maybe he’s just so arrogant and delusional that he assumes everybody must have worked for him at some time.
I suspect, though, that he knew what he was saying  wasn’t true,  and  just didn’t give a shit.  Shame on him.  Shame.

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