Pedophile Priests

There’s another scandal  of Catholic priests molesting small children, mostly boys.  Of course, this  scandal comes up  now  and again.  But it  seems this  is  a  pretty big deal, this time.  300 priests in Pennsylvania, charges spread out over the last  70 years.  Some old men with  long memories must have come forward.
Although it’s still a small  percentage  off  all  the Catholic priests out  there, it  is a not insignificant  number.
The thing is, what do you expect?  One of the  requirements of the  job  is that  you be unmarried.  You have to  take  a vow of  celibacy.  What kind  of guy is going to answer a job application like that?  Well, I suppose some men who are completely uninterested in  sex, but that is a rare breed, indeed.  Probably rarer than actual child rapists.  Most of the men answering an ad like that are  looking for a way  to hide their eccentric sexual tendencies.
These old priests were probably molested  as children themselves, and their molesters before them, on and on  back into the mists  of time.  I’d be willing to wager that pedophilia is older than farming or  fire in  the march  of human development.  The Catholic Church just hung a sign on the door.

We shouldn’t rush to judgement, of course, innocent until proven  guilty  and  all that, but one thing I’ve been reading has convinced me, personally, of their guilt:  their lame excuses.  “It  was just horseplay, and inappropriate contact.”  Most grown men feel no inclination to engage in horseplay  with  young boys.  The kinds who will,  and will have ‘inappropriate contact’ are the  same kind  who  will take it farther if they  can get away with it.
“It’s not rape if there was no  penetration.”  Well, just  what exactly  is  it that you’re admitting to doing?  Does fellatio  count  as penetration?  And even  if you’re  found guilty of something  short of  rape, it  would  probably not be a good  idea if  you continued to be a priest.  Or  had  any job around children.
And the classic “I thought she  was 15.”  The girl in  question was 11.

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