Borra-Trottier, Again

I say again because I have written about this subject before, several times in the nearly two years since it first came out.  It is the story of a story forgotten; a story brushed under the rug.  And, it’s why I don’t like Snopes.

They rate it ‘mostly false’ but that’s largely about choosing the phrasing that would give a ‘mostly false’ the most credibility, but even then, when you read through the explanation, it’s mostly true.

First of all, did two scientists publish a paper in which they said signals from other stars probably indicated intelligent life? or something like that, was the original question, and Snopes is being real picky about the word ‘probably.’
What the paper said is the kind of signals emitted were exactly the kind of signals they had predicted would exist, for communication from technological species. So, they said it backed that hypotheses, which is that that is the kind of signals an alien species would send.
The rest of the scientific community, being old poop heads, downplayed and derided  the study.  BUT… they have not disproved that distinctive signals originated from those 234 star systems (out of 2.5 million surveyed), or that those signals were any other than signals from alien, high tech, space faring civilizations.
To the best of my knowledge they have not even tried.  I haven’t heard that NASA, or the European Space Agency, or whoever, have turned their telescopes toward those star systems, to see what is there to be found.
Because this isn’t just discovering life in outer space.  This is discovering the United Federation  of Planets.

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