Donald’s Bad Day

It was a really bad day for Trump.  I don’t want to say yet that I  think impeachment is inevitable, because I thought impeachment was inevitable over a year ago and, between the two parties in congress, neither one seems keen to pursue that task.  If there is to be an impeachment, Nancy Pelosi will  be the last person on board.
But today was pretty  amazing, and in a sane universe these would be irreversible developments.  Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, pled guilty to paying the hush money to  Stormy Daniels and  one other hooker, close to 300 grand total, and he says that Trump knew about it, that Trump had ordered him to  do it.  That is fantastic!  Of course, it could develop pretty quick into  a he said/he said, but it’s certainly enough to bring Trump in for one  of them perjury traps. (i.e. an interrogation, in which case they can ask him about  his golf game, his sex life, his businesses, his military record, his grades from  school, whatever, he’ll lie)
Manafort got nailed on bank fraud, tax fraud, and failure to reveal  a foreign bank account.
Here’s the part I  thought was interesting, though.  After posting a tweet blasting Cohen for ratting on him, he posted this tweet re Manafort: “I feel very badly for Paul Manafort and his wonderful family.  ‘Justice’ took a 12 year old tax case, among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to ‘break’ – make up stories in order to get a ‘deal.’ Such respect for a brave man!”   So, he’s pleased that Manafort didn’t turn on him, which sort of  implies that  he could have.  Or maybe that’s just the conspiracy theory of my mind working, but that’s what it sounds like to me.
Another thing I find interesting is that none of this has  anything to do with Russia, which is great.  Nail him on the financial crimes.
The third case of the day was congressman Duncan Hunter, a big supporter of Trump, who got  charged (along with his wife, who apparently loves fast food a whole lot) with misuse of campaign funds.
It was a good day.  There is  hope.  And by hope I mean hope that Donald J. Trump will die in jail.

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