Trump Can’t Draw an American Flag

Try to remember back to a time long ago, in the last millennium even, when George Bush was president – the first one, who was as much of an evil war monger as anybody but not quite as obvious as his retarded son – and his vice president was Dan Quayle, a man who was so stupid that people called him Bush’s impeachment insurance.
Remember that one time when he was visiting a school and he argued with a kid over how to spell potato and he was wrong because he thought it had an e at the end and everybody in America laughed and laughed about how stupid the vice-president was, as if half of them wouldn’t have spelled it with a e at the end, too, because you add the e when it’s a plural, i.e. potatoes, so there’s at  least kind of a reverse logic to it.
What could be stupider than screwing up the spelling of potato in an easy photo-op with school kids?  Screwing up on coloring the American flag in an easy photo-op with kids in a hospital.  He did use red and blue markers, at least, but he colored a couple of the stripes blue.  Now, some are saying he was trying to draw the Russian flag but he kind of screwed that up, too.
Myself, I think he was just being kind of lazy and screwing around, like ‘yeah, I’ll make some marks on the paper while the cameras roll, ‘ and didn’t care if he got it right or not.  Because nobody could be that stupid, could they?  Especially someone who is surrounded by American flags at almost all times.
Could they?

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