More on the DNC Reforms

The great debate among Berniecrats for the last couple of days, of course, has been the Democratic Party’s ‘reforms.’  Do we go with quote marks or not?
First, of course, was that question about the superdelegates not being allowed to vote on the first ballot, which some said is great, the superdelegates won’t have a vote, and others of us saying ‘weeeelllll…’

Donna Brazile didn’t do anything to allay  our fears or bring even a semblance of unity when she said ‘We’ll still  be there and we know  how to fix the game.’  She didn’t actually  say ‘fix the game,’ but it’s what she meant.

Then there’s the two paragraph gem we were introduced to today.  The first paragraph says “I absolutely pinkie swear that I’m a Democrat and if I’m nominated I’ll still call myself a Democrat, and even if I’m elected, I won’t rip off my mask at the inauguration and say “Ha!Ha! Psyche!  I’m a Republican,” which may intimidate Claire McCaskill  out  of a run, I don’t know.
Then there was that scary 2nd paragraph, which said the Chairman of the Democratic Party (currently Tom ‘a pigeon shat on my head’ Perez) had full authority to decide who was a Democrat and who wasn’t, which is very scary except even the Democrats aren’t stupid enough to actually use that as a power play.  Then again, you never know.

The thing I was relieved to NOT find in there, and I’ll bet the DNC pressed for it and Bernie told ’em to fuck off, at least that’s the way I imagine it, was a clause saying any disappointed candidates couldn’t then leave and run as an independent.
So, my dream strategy is still in play.  Which is this: that Tulsi Gabbard run for the Democratic nomination and all Berniecrats should support her because, between those two groups, we could easily secure a first ballot win and a general election win and we’d have our first woman president and she’d be a progressive.

Meanwhile, Bernie is working to get on  the ballot in all 50 States as an  independent.  In case Tulsi does not get the nomination, he’s ready.  If she does, he backs out.  Either way, we would have a progressive candidate in the general election.  A progressive candidate who could  win.


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