Bernie’s Brilliance

Bernie still has the magic.  I just saw a video of him, current, introducing a band at a rock concert in Vermont.  I sort of got the feeling he was a surprise guest because the crowd absolutely went insane.  And, it was a rock concert, not a political rally.  So, the thing is, Bernie Sanders, a politician, can randomly appear in front of an American crowd (admittedly, this was a bunch of teenagers in Vermont, but I’ve seen the same reaction to Bernie other places) and get a wildly enthusiastic response from  the entire audience.  Hillary Clinton can’t do that.  Donald Trump can’t do that.
He gave his usual 5 minute speech, which was greeted with regular and enthusiastic cheers like punctuation at the end of his bullet points, introduced the band, and walked off into  the night.  It was a beautiful thing.

While I’m on the subject of Bernie, let’s talk about his bill to make corporations pay if any of their employees get food stamps.  It’s brilliant.  Not so much economically brilliant.  It will  pull in a bit of tax money, but the companies aren’t incentivized to offer a higher wage, they’ll just go ahead and pay the fine and the root problem won’t be changed.  I’m not saying it’s  a bad idea, I’d just like to  see  some punitive damages added.
Politically brilliant, though, you bet.  Nobody can argue against forcing shitweasels like Jeff Bezos, and the Waltons,  and the Disney Corporation to pay their  employees a living wage, or pay the Federal government whatever it’s going to cost to subsidize them, which comes out of taxes, which are mostly paid by working and middle class people.
Whoever votes against this bill is a shameless tool  of the oligarchy, and no  way  around it.

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