It is September, and the kids had their first day back at school, and for me, the poetry readings are back.  Tonight was Alchemy and in a couple of weeks there will be the other one.
It was not a bad night, I enjoyed the piece by Mike Rowland with some bits of old folk advice he’d made up himself, like ‘If you are urinating on a construction site, say a blessing for the future residents’ or ‘If an elephant lifts its trunk to you, you will marry  your true love.’  It was wicked original, but a lot of thought went into them, like the psychology of sandwiches part.  ‘If you slice your sandwich  in two diagonally, you know what you want in life and know how to get it; if you slice it in two horizontally, I forget that one; if you slice it into equal triangles you are gregarious and open in life; if you don’t slice it at all but eat it whole, you are content with your life (that’s me and that’s true); and, if you don’t eat sandwiches, you don’t understand life.

I liked the new guy with the guitar.  Very easy to  listen to.  I liked the new guy with a short, rhyming poem but I already  can’t remember it.  I liked most of the people who read.  Nobody went on too long.
And, it was a reasonable sized crowd.  But, it was our last reading in that place.  It happens sooner or later everywhere.  My theory is that poets just don’t spend enough money.  They can put a band in that space and have lots more people spending more money.  From the management’s viewpoint I can totally understand it.

Speaking of theories, I’ve got a conspiracy theory about the museum fire in Brazil, but that will be another blog.

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