If It Wasn’t What We Think It Was, What Was It?

There is a long history, even a tradition, of picking trying to be clever and funny by slipping some finger gestures into a photograph.  Casually scratching your cheek or  rubbing your eye with the middle finger, or holding up rabbit ears behind somebody’s head…childish stuff, really.
Then there’s Zina Bash.  She is an assistant to Brett Kavanaugh, the extreme right wing racist who Donald Trump wants to appoint to the Supreme Court, and before that she worked for extreme right wing Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito.  Yes, she’s a Harvard graduate with a law degree, but she is as extreme right wing as they come.
Well, she was sitting right behind Brett Kavanaugh at his first confirmation hearing today, flashing a white power sign big as life.  Now, some might say it was not a white power sign, because these racist types almost never own up to it when they’re caught  (although I’m afraid that’s changing – I mean, she must have figured people would notice this, that’s sort of the point), and some might say  it was nothing at all, but that is NOT a normal, random way to hold your fingers.  The snotty, ‘I’m too good for this shit’ look on her face clearly said she was not glad to be there, and the finger sign was an in-your-face fuck you to anybody opposed to Kavanaugh’s nomination.  It said ‘Yes, we are white supremacists.’  And the scary part is, there are a lot of people in congress who aren’t opposed to that at all.

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