Three Birthdays This Weekend

Tomorrow is the 52nd anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek.  Tomorrow is also Bernie Sanders’ birthday.  Both of these are events which changed the world, in extremely positive ways.
Sunday evening is the beginning of Rosh haShanah, the Jewish New Year.  Rosh means head and Shanah is year, so head of the year.  It will be 5779 because the Jewish calendar goes a bit further back. Judaism was already  a religion that had been practiced for a very long time before Jesus Christ was born, which was not really such a big deal for the Jews, anyway.  It’s 5779 because, theoretically, it goes back to Adam and Eve.  So, anybody who takes Judaism literally is just as crazy as the fundamentalist Christians who say the world is only 5 or 6 thousand years old.
I was 12 in 1966, and we watched the pilot episode, and I was a fan right off the  bat.  Of course, I  was already a big fan of science fiction, reading everything I could find along those lines.  So, I was very excited about it.  The only sci-fi that had ever been on TV before that was Lost in Space, which was so bad it was considered a joke, even by the standards of the day, which did not include serious science fiction.  So, Star Trek was a big improvement.  And  when Star Trek, the Next Generation came out, it was a big improvement over the original.
There is a market out there.  There are people  who  love science fiction and, for the most part, they are people who are interested in science, in the future, in the possibilities of the human race.  It just took  network executives until 1966 to figure that out.
So, Happy  Birthday, Star Trek.  Happy Birthday, Senator Sanders.  And a very happy 5,779th birthday to the human race.  Shana Tova.

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