Woodward’s Book and the Anonymous Op-Ed

I guess this is what it looks like when the shit hits the fan in a perfect storm.  It is a bizarre situation.  I  feel no sympathy at all for any of the players, and hope they destroy each other like a frenzied pack of mutant, zombie hyena, which is basically the spirit animal for the lot of them.
First came the news of Woodward’s book, in which it was revealed that damned near everybody who works in the White House thinks Trump is a raging moron, Trump’s lawyer asked that Trump not be interviewed by Mueller because he just lies all the damned time, can’t help himself, it’s kind of like a tourette’s thing with lying, he once berated Giuliani in front of multiple witnesses, comparing him to a little baby without a diaper, he once told a bunch of generals (angrily) that they weren’t killing enough people, and two aides (whose names were given)admitted to taking documents off his desk, so he wouldn’t sign them and cause WWIII or some other dumb shit.
Seriously, they take stuff away until he just forgets about it.  It’s as if Trump is your crazy old uncle who can’t be trusted with silverware, or garden tools.

Then came the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, which the New York Times claims they received before the release of Woodward’s book, but I wouldn’t  put it past the Times to fudge a detail like that and, in any event, it’s quite likely that a White House staffer would be aware of the book’s contents before the general public.

The anonymous author (Mike Pence seems to be the lead suspect) claims he also steals stuff off Trump’s desk.  Which is probably a good thing, even if done by a bad person, but I’m pretty sure it’s technically treason.  I don’t quite know how that works.
There’s a lot that’s unknown, because we are in uncharted territory here, but there are a few questions I’d like answers to.
If Gary Cohn and Rob Porter and Anonymous Op-Ed writer who I  suspect is Pence but could be anybody, really, thought that Trump was so mentally incompetent that they had to hide stuff to keep him from signing it, why didn’t they speak up before now?  Seriously, guys, we’ve got a delusional retard running the country and you didn’t say anything?
Would the anonymous op-ed writer have written the anonymous op-ed if they hadn’t been aware of Woodward’s book, and isn’t this a rather transparent effort to get him or herself (I think it’s Pence, but wouldn’t it be hysterical if it was Melania?) off the hook?
If it’s Pence, can he really be trusted with the presidency after such an egregious undermining of the presidency?
And, the most important question of all:  Isn’t this enough to begin impeachment proceedings, already?

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