Blogus Interruptus

I didn’t write a blog last night because I was too stoned.  It’s not that I  haven’t written blogs stoned before, I do  it all the time, it’s probably more than half of them, but last night I was just staring at the screen and couldn’t come up  with a good topic.  As Elon Musk said, they call it stoned because you sit there like a stone.
I’ve already  written about the Serena Williams debacle and, even though people are still  talking about it, there’s nothing much more to say.  People have lined up, taken their positions, and that’s where they will  stay for all time, while the world of tennis moves on.  Tonight I will no doubt write about the anniversary of 9/11, because it’s an important day that changed the world, but I’ll probably just repeat why I think it was an  inside job, or remind people of 9/11/73, which is  a necessary reminder that the U.S. should not interfere in  South American politics as it almost always ends badly in the long run.  When melting old wax figure Henry Kissinger finally dies, may the day come soon, U.S. politicians will be lined up on the stage, ready to kiss the ass of his recently departed spirit, but people will be dancing in the streets in South America.
In fact, U.S. intervention everywhere usually winds up being a bad deal, which is why I find the recent U.S. actions in Syria so confusing.  All they have to do is drop it, back off, let Russia win this one and it will be over in a matter of days and everyone can forget Syria exists for a decade or two.  Absolutely nothing is to be gained by dropping white phosphorus on a bunch of civilians.  If they manage to revive the war, thousands more will die but the result will be the same.
Bashar Assad has won.  Get over it.

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