So, in between arguing with people on Facebook about whether 9-11 was an inside job (yes, of course it was, if you’ve ever read this blog before you probably knew I’d say that), and Serena Williams, who is getting just as much press at this specific moment in time, I was watching my new favorite TV show, Travelers.
There have been a few times I’ve thought they jumped the proverbial shark, but the episodes I watched tonight, were Marcie almost died but they did some kind of computerized mind meld and saved her but it wiped out her  short term memory.  Then Trevor kidnapped the school  psychiatrist, to  save her from imminent death, but she just thinks he’s nuts when he tells her he’s from the future, and it doesn’t work anyway, because the director just sends somebody new to  take over her body, and then an assassin comes back  from the future and everybody’s getting text messages telling them to  kill everybody else and they get an order to destroy the quantum entanglement frame and there’s this whole Mexican standoff scene, with guns and axes pointed every which way, and they find out the future they came from has been radically changed and there is a rapid fire conversation about the ethics of  time travel, and possible unintended consequences of your actions, and obeying the rules or  thinking for  yourself and would you still be in favor of  following the rules if the rule was that I should kill you (and it was).  It was a great moment in television.
The thing about it is, it’s a science fiction setting, but really it’s a body snatchers type of theme.

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