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One of the reasons I think we’ll never be told the truth about the closure of the Sunspot Solar Observatory (in Sunspot, New Mexico, and they look for sunspots, I guess) is the same reason that everybody starts thinking, after over a week, that that missing kid is probably no longer alive.  Because it’s been over a week.
If it had been some kind of an infectious disease, they would have evacuated people to hospitals.  If it had been some kind of a gas leak or other health hazard, they’d have had it cleaned out and the place would have been up and running inside 48 hours.  This is a high-tech facility, delivering valuable information.  Closing it down is an incredible waste of money.  If it was spying by the Chinese, as I’ve heard others suggest, they could have swept it for bugs and be in the process of reconstructing, if there was equipment that needed to be removed, but there’d be no real need for secrecy.  In fact “Spy Ring Busted” makes a great headline, the government’s eager for that kind of story.
If it was some kind of a solar energy burst, on its way  to kill  us all… well, it takes light about 8 minutes to reach the Earth from the Sun, so I’m pretty  sure we’d all be dead by now, so that theory can  be scratched.
So, I think it’s aliens, and I think they’ll never tell  us.  They’ve never offered a more complete explanation of the Borra-Trottier discoveries, and that happened almost 2 years ago.
They haven’t opened a 2nd investigation into 9/11, although there’s very strong reason to believe the 1st investigation was bullshit.  Same with the Warren report, which was incredibly long and detailed but started with the  premise that Oswald was the lone killer and didn’t look at any other theories at all.
Basically, our government lies to us all the damn time.  I don’t think it’s because they are afraid of aliens.  They are afraid of us.

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