Atlantis in the South of Spain

All of the news is  depressing and the world is turning to shit, but that’s just a reason  to stop watching the news, actually, there are new songs every week, new films and novels too, new scientific inventions and discoveries that thrill often enough for there to be more or less new stuff on Discovery Channel constantly constantly, although they do recycle stuff and it irritates me to listen to some guy on the TV saying ‘and soon the voyager probe will actually be exiting the solar system.’   TV is like a black hole, things that happen once are happening forever, everything gets sucked in but then it all just sort of hangs there.  That may or may not be a scientifically accurate  analogy.
One thing I’ve been watching recently, which will not improve our lives one little bit even if it’s eventually proven to be true beyond all shadow of a doubt, is the discovery of Atlantis, or at least one archaeologist making a pretty convincing case for a bunch of ruins in Southern Spain, about halfway between Gibraltar and Portugal, thus fitting Plato’s description of ‘beyond the pillars of Hercules.’  Evidence from so  far: built in concentric rings, which agrees with Plato’s description, some drawings of bulls which links to Cretan  culture, and some writings which indicate trade with Egypt, and lack of a better candidate.  The thing is, if it was a great city trading with  the whole  world, it  probably would have been a whole civilization, with several cities and farms in between them, so the question is not just ‘What happened to Atlantis (which could be explained by an earthquake or something relatively mundane like that), but what happened to the Atlanteans?
Also, and this is the interesting part of research for me, is that if it does turn out to be the mythical Atlantis, then Atlantis is no longer mythical, but historical.  A bit less fascinating in one sense, more interesting in another.
It’s just amazing to me that the world we know is not the world the way it actually is, and new revelations can still change our entire perspective.


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