The President’s Penis

With all that’s happening in the news – the ongoing crisis in Yemen, China making side deals with Venezuela (which I totally approve of by the way,) but it means they are totally brushing off the Monroe Doctrine, which was completely indefensible even at the time of Monroe and the U.S. seems oblivious to that, Russia accuses Israel of attacking them in Syria which raises still another problem in a region where dozens of things could go wrong, Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and the accusations of attempted rape, not to mention the perjury, because the perjury should actually force them to block him and they don’t want to do that, the flooding in North Carolina which is made worse by industrial hog farming and landfills of coal  ash, which might do a lot worse than muck up the atmosphere, that could be an epidemic waiting to happen, police still killing people and getting away with it, and much, much more, the thing everybody’s talking about today  is the size and shape of the president’s penis.
Now, in fairness to Donald Trump (who apparently does have a smaller than average penis), he is not entirely responsible for the cultural atmosphere which makes the presidential penis a fitting topic for conversation.  To some extent you can blame the Internet, because everybody talks about that kind of stuff all the time any more.  You can blame Anthony Weiner, because if politicians are going to publicize pictures of their penis, then it’s all fair game, and before that Bill Clinton paved the way, when he willingly answered questions about what kind of underwear he wore.  Can you imagine Eisenhower or Kennedy talking about stuff like that?  No.
I am not nostalgic about the past, I realize there was a lot of horrible shit happening back then, too, but in just this one particular instance….perhaps we have gone too far.
On the other hand, if it’s what finally brings down his presidency, I’m all for it.

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