What I Should Have Said

This blog is about what I should have said.  However, I didn’t, and the conversation went back and forth a bit before dwindling into polite agreement to disagree and, as far as I know, nobody defriended anybody else.
The original post was a poll  about who the most popular leaders in Britain were, and I thought people were slagging off Jeremy Corbyn a bit much, and so I  said I liked him, because he reminds me of Bernie Sanders.
Well, one lady, who I only know through Facebook but strikes me as a generally intelligent sort, said she finds Bernie a bit ‘tetchy.’
Well, I’ve heard this argument before and I suspect it’s because they all listen to the same commentators, rather than listening to Bernie.  Because everything Bernie’s saying is right on, and he doesn’t sound ‘tetchy’ at all to me, when you take it in context.
In the USA, people can and do die for lack of medical care.  In the USA, police can murder black people, in daylight, on camera, in front of witnesses and not only not go to jail, not  only not be charged with a crime, but keep their jobs.  In the USA, the infrastructure is crumbling and potholes in roads, and collapsing bridges can be expected.  In the USA, large corporations can now spew their effluent straight into  the rivers.  In the USA, you can’t count on the government for help  in a hurricane.  In the USA, prisons are run for a profit, and lots of people are inside them who don’t deserve to be.
Bernie, like anybody else who has a conscience, is outraged.  He is furious.  When you hear him speaking, that is him keeping it under control, speaking reason in  the face of  insanity.  ‘Tetchy.’ Ha.

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