Sunspot Observatory Reopens

They have re-opened the Solar Observatory in appropriately named Sunspot, New Mexico, after almost 2 weeks, and boy-howdy have they got a humdinger of a cover story.  Porn.  Child pornography, which I’ve been hearing a lot about lately.  I’m not saying nobody ever looks at child porn, but I don’t think it’s as prevalent as the recent number of arrests would indicate.  I mean, lots and lots of people look at regular, adult porn, probably all the gay people like gay porn, which is probably between 5 and 10% of the population, and there are subsets who get off on bondage porn and other kinky shit, but child porn?  Are there really that many people attracted to small children?  I suspect it just makes the story  a bit more dramatic.
They say a janitor at the facility – not one of the scientists, not a person who was critical to the operation – had child porn on his computer.
For that, they shut down a facility which gazes into space with high powered telescopes?  For that, they stopped observing sun spots (which could seriously endanger the Earth, and the more we know about them the better) for two whole weeks?  For that, they swooped in  with helicopters, an army of agents, and more secrecy than the Normandy Landing?  And that was something they couldn’t tell the sheriff of the town?
I’m just not buying it.  I think the janitor is being  framed, to cover up something much bigger, and that’s not really fair.  If it was aliens, the public deserves to know.

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