A View of the Future

I was watching a futuristic thing on TV today, and some scientist was saying how glorious it all  would be and “I sure which  I could be around to see it.”  Well, that is not an uncommon sentiment, nor one with which I disagree.  There is, however, kind of an implication: that the future is set, that if we were able to look into it from right now, there’s one reality that we’d see there, just as if you fly to Paris, you can look in a guidebook and see what’s going to be there.
The future is not pre-determined.  I am absolutely convinced of that.  It depends on everybody’s actions in the present, and there are so many random factors that the possibilities are more infinite than the number of possible moves in a game of chess, the number of possible designs for a snowflake.
There are the dystopian environmental nightmares, the dystopian fascist nightmares, the dystopian tech gone wild nightmares, like when AI takes over, and for each and every possible dystopian future, there is a corresponding utopian future, but they don’t make a lot of movies out of  those because they don’t have all the chase scenes, and fighting, and laser beam battles in space, and slave planets with girls in skimpy, primitive looking outfits, and that’s really all the audience wants.  Who wants to be confused with ethics, or possibilities?
I think the main thing we need to remember going forth…well, two main things: first, we should remember that the future is not pre-determined, we can make it whatever we want to be, and second, our books and movies aren’t generally a very good guide, because they leave out all the peaceful and calm narratives because, even though they might be the pleasantest futures to live in, make dull stories.

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