The Heat is On

Well the excrement has struck the proverbial fan in the Old Kavanaugh hearing.  From one witness to 3, maybe 4, with a few more salacious details.  Will ‘boofing’ be this decades ‘Long Dong Silver?’  I don’t think so, not near as funny, but what would I know.

I still wish they would have rejected him because of the plagiarism, technically they could have got him disbarred and maybe worse for that, but at least removed from consideration.  But no, nobody even talks about the perjury any more, because grabtitty at drunken teenage parties is what everybody wants to talk about.
I suspect the noise is now too loud to be ignored, although the Republicans keep going down, and down, and there is no bottom, so who knows?
And beyond just the perjury, there’s the totally political angle.  He is a right wing judge, as right wing as right wing can be, and that will make 5, and that means the U.S. is fucked, and there are profound implications for  the rest of the world.
So, what happens now?  Two possibilities:  Republicans stay true to form, and ram through the confirmation  anyway.  Might hurt them in  the mid-terms, might not, but if they keep going the was they’re going, they’ve got to go over  an edge at some point.  Or, two, cooler heads in the party prevails, the nomination  is withdrawn,  and  maybe there won’t be time for anybody else before the midterms.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

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