The Kavanaugh Cartoon

Well, Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was about what I expected.  She did well.  She delivered facts, and she was pretty much emotionally controlled.  Now, Kavanaugh’s on and hoo boy, it’s a shit show.
Durbin nailed him pretty good trying to get him to accept an FBI investigation (and he kept changing the subject), Lindsey Graham went sort of nuts, Orrin Hatch referred to Ford as ‘an attractive witness,’ proving that he does not really understand what’s going on at all, and it’s all pretty horrible and unbelievable, but Kavanaugh has not done himself any favors.  By painting himself as a victim, blubbering about how much he loves going to church, and coming up with alternate definitions of ‘devil’s triangle,’ ‘Renate alumnus,’ and ‘FFFFFourth of July,’ he just comes across as an extremely dishonest, and seriously obnoxious individual.  Not at all the serious, sober minded kind you would expect to sit on the Supreme Court.
I’d certainly be happier if they were going after him on the perjury charges (maybe they could add a few more after today), or just for being a crappy, knee jerk right wing judge, but I’ll be happy if he goes down.
I certainly think Mark Judge should be subpoenaed.

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