Flake Covers His Ass

I didn’t really want to write about whiny, little, rich kid Brett Kavanaugh two days in a row but it’s the only thing anybody wants to talk about, so here we go.
It seems like a bit of a litmus test.  Some of the men I know are rushing to Kavanaugh’s defense, and it’s pretty much the ones I expected to.  Men who often talk about how oppressed and discriminated against white males are because everybody talks about how we shouldn’t discriminate against anybody else.  The thing is, if you are white, and male, and poor, Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh will shit all over you, too.
Of course, women are almost unanimous in their contempt for him, and believe Christine Blasey Ford’s story without hesitation.  I think that’s because it’s not at all an uncommon story.  There’s nothing hard to believe about it.  There are lots of guys who pull this shit.
There’s a great photo making the rounds, a single still shot from the hearing, and every woman in the room is looking at him like he just pooped in his pants during Thanksgiving dinner at their grandmother’s house – and these were supposed to be women supporting him!  His wife came closest to a supportive expression, and she just looked hollow eyed, empty, as if she was sedated, which she might well have been.
There was the 11-10 vote to send it to the Senate, and then came Jeff Flake’s last minute move to request one week for the FBI to investigate.  It could be that he had  a last minute attack of conscience after those ladies corralled him  in the elevator – those two are true heroines of democracy, in my opinion – but I doubt it.  He’s a Republican.  He has no conscience.  And he could have ended Kavanaugh’s chances today, just by switching his vote.  So, I think it was more of an “Uh oh, better cover my ass” move, after the confrontation in the elevator.
Anyway, it’s something.  I hope the pressure keeps up, I hope the FBI finds some shit (but I don’t really trust them any more than I trust Republicans), I hope that the Supreme Court seat stays open until after the mid-terms, and I hope that the mid-terms significantly changes the make-up of congress.
That might be a lot of hope, but that’s O.K.  It doesn’t cost money to hope.

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