Art is Wherever You Find It

Today, my plan was to go out and see an art exhibit, because my friend has some work in it.  I was quite looking forward to it, because I usually just see her at the poetry readings and, while she is a very nice person and her poetry is interesting, I’ve never seen any of her artwork.  I’m not even sure if it’s paintings or some sort of weird installation art, which is not my favorite stuff, but that’s not the point.
Anyway, walked out from the Metro station and down the street till the end, where I came to what I thought was the address, but it was an automobile dealership.
So, nothing for it but to head home.
Checked the address, and I had had it wrong.  It was 34 Kolbenova, not 3 Kolbenova.  So, had some lunch and went back.  Now, Kolbenova is not a neighborhood I get to often.  Actually, it’s not a neighborhood anybody goes to often.  There are a lot of old factories with windows busted out which, come to think of it, bears a bit of similarity to Karlin when we moved in, 15 years ago.  I thought “If I had money, this would be a good neighborhood to buy into now.  Nowhere to go but up.”
Found 34, and it is a beauty salon.  Well, fuck.  But, there was a large gap right next to it, so I walked around behind the building.  There was an old truck painted all white, like windows and all, and there was a sign that said ‘Art is better than nothing,’ and there were 4 big billboards up against a brick wall, with a lawn in front of them.  No common theme.  One was geometric, lots of green, yellow and pink ovals, looked like pills.  One was little girls, naked, riding on unicorns, in black and white.  One was concentric circles, kind of a Hippie Mandala, and the 4th was like ’50s guy holding a bowling ball, or maybe a ballon, and saying ‘Welcome to Dream World.’  Still didn’t see a gallery.
A bit further on I saw a sign that said ‘Permanent Beer Fest’ and walked in that direction, but a security guard yelled at me.  Maybe he was a security guard.  Maybe he was a guy that just liked yelling at people.  Anyway, as I was walking away from there, I saw a younger couple and asked them and they pointed me in the right direction.

The ‘gallery’ was in a derelict building, and I knew it was the right place because the artist’s names were written on red tape saying which floor they were on so I went up to the first floor to see my friend’s work.  It was the biggest, emptiest warehouse you’ve ever seen.  I followed the arrows, and came to a locked door.  The other floors were the same.
Well, I contacted her and I’ll go see it another time, when it’s open, I hope, but it was an interesting neighborhood and an interesting experience and that’s what I love about Prague.  Even when you don’t find what you’re looking for, you find something.

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