Moral Superiority, Fuck Yeah!

I often hear the argument, from well-meaning people no doubt, that we (i.e. progressives) should not mock people’s appearance, or make jokes about their names, or call them stupid, or compare them to Nazis, because then we are ‘just as bad as they are.’

This strikes me as nonsense.  Of course we are better than they are.  For one thing, I am sure that, on the average, we are smarter, better read, and better informed on the issues.  I know there are exceptions to this – I know some intelligent right wingers and even more who will advocate one particular position which is at odds with the progressive agenda, and I have known progressives to make stupid arguments, but as a general rule our signs at rallies are correctly spelled, and left wing memes make much more sense than right wing ones.
More important, though, is intent.  We are in favor of preserving the environment, they are in favor of destroying it.  Preserving it would not only be better for human beings, it would be better for any life form that breathes oxygen.
We are in favor of ending wars and living together in peace with all people on the planet.  They are in favor of bombing the shit out of everybody, just because we’ve got the bombs.  An experiment was done once where pollsters made up a country and asked people if the U.S. should bomb them.  A horrifying percentage of people said yes, and it’s as certain as sunrise that they were all right wingers.
We are against police killing black people, they scream about ‘blue lives matter.’  We are opposed to sexual assault. They are apparently, shockingly, O.K. with it.
Of course we are better than they are.  It’s not even close.
It is counter-productive to criticize each other over tactics, or because somebody needs to vent and swear and rant against an unjust world.  We should remember we’re all on the same side, more or less, and keep the movement moving.

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