The Problem With Secrecy

Susan Collins, the very unreliable and less than people friendly Senator from Maine, who is quite likely to betray her gender in the next day or two, has said the FBI report on Kavanaugh is ‘thorough.’
That is absurd.  We, in the general public, know it wasn’t thorough, and we aren’t even allowed to see the thing.  So, you may ask, how can we know it wasn’t thorough if we aren’t even allowed to see it?
It didn’t even take a week.  I don’t recall, I was only 9 at the time, but I think even the Warren report took longer than that, and that was a total whitewash.  How much can you even investigate in a week?  Are we going to stop the investigation into a cure for cancer because it’s taken longer than a week?
We know that there are scores of people, including numerous classmates of Kavanaugh, who the FBI has refused to hear.  Not failed to investigate, actually refused to hear.  They were prepared to testify that Kavanaugh was a heavy drinker in high school and college, in fact a nasty and belligerent drinker, which means this whole church-going sober Sam routine he pulled out during the one-day (yes, just one-day) hearing on Dr. Ford’s accusation, was a steaming pile of bullshit.  The legal term for a steaming pile of bullshit, if it takes place under oath, is perjury.  But, the FBI refused to talk to those witnesses.  That’s not very ‘thorough.’
The FBI didn’t talk to either Ford or Kavanaugh as part of their investigation.   They’re the two  people most directly involved in the case. What kind of an investigation is that?  Not a thorough one.
So, when Susan Collins says it was a thorough investigation, she is either lying through her teeth or she’s got a damned strange definition of thorough.  I suspect it’s the former.
But, we’ll never know.  Because it’s a secret.

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