This blog is not going to change the world, but I’m kind of sick of talking about the real world anyway.  There is no rational way to explain the right wing wave that’s sweeping the world -WTF, Brazil?!  Fun loving, carnival hosting, multi-racial, tropical paradise Brazil??
Either it’s massive fear due to environmental and demographic factors (i.e. overpopulation), or there’s a river of money flowing from the hidden spring of dark capitalism, but it’s scary either way, and I’ve got no suggestions, but tonight…
I was very pleased with my  TV viewing.  One of my favorite programs in recent years has been Humans, and I was quite bummed when it ended, I thought “Damn, what a bogus  spot to end a mini-series, just as things were getting interesting.”
So, when I saw it advertised again, I thought they’d be rerunning the last series, which I never did see from the beginning, so I was looking forward to that.
But, no, this is season two, and it has gotten very interesting, indeed.  Terrorist humans killing robots, terrorist robots killing humans, mad bombers killing everybody, and a cute, little girl who punches her classmates who bully her for being too robot-friendly.
Ethical questions galore, and even though Agnes is obviously  a cyberpsychopath who is itching to kill human beings, she’s hot.

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