Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit Ya, Nikki

Nobody except Nikki Haley knows why Nikki Haley resigned, but there is plenty of speculation.   It could be about the investigation that was about to open up on her (and  I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t proceed), about accepting free  rides on corporate jets.  That would strike me as small  potatoes amid all the major corruption of the Trump administration, but still…it might be a big deal to Nikki Haley.
It is possible, as many have suggested, that she’s hoping to be appointed to the vacant South Carolina Senate seat that would come to be if Trump fires Sessions and replaces him with Lindsay Graham.  In that case, she either has advance knowledge or is taking a huge chance.  Lindsay might very  well get no  more than a condescending pat on the head from Trump for his theatrics during the Ford hearing.  The position may  not even be open.  Some have suggested she might be planning a run for president, but it  seems to me U.N. ambassador would be a pretty good stepping stone to that – that is, if she weren’t the topic of an investigation.

In any event, good riddance to her.  She’s a global warming denier, and spent her term at the U.N. acting like a belligerent jerk and threatening to start WWIII all the  time.  Fortunately, most countries of the world have governments which are not so  insane as the American  government, and none have quite risen to the bait.

I can’t imagine who Trump is going to replace her with, either, but I am certain it will be somebody horrible.  I’ve heard both Ivanka Trump and Kanye West suggested, and I  don’t think either suggestion was actually a joke.

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