12 Years

Songs are poetry.  The good ones are, at any rate.  I’ve had Bowie’s Five Years on my mind today, a beautiful, poetic song about what happens when we find out we only have five years to live, as a planet, as a species.
Except every time he says 5 years, I’m hearing 12 years, because that is the finding of a recent report, which apparently almost all the scientific community agrees with: that we only have 12 years to turn this shit around.  That if we do not reverse course on putting carbons into the air by using too many fossil fuels, factory farming, breathing, stuff like that, the change to our atmosphere will be irreversible and, over the next couple of centuries, we will be hit with a series of hurricanes that will swamp Florida.  The oceans will rise to  overcome Venice, New York, and London, and change coastlines all around the world.  It will become impossible to travel from the northern hemisphere to the southern, except possibly by rocket ship or tunnel, because it will  be too damn hot, like, other planet hot.
And eventually, the air will become unbreathable, plants will  stop growing, and we will all die.
No, we aren’t going to die in 12 years.  It will probably be a couple of centuries, at least.  But that is not a long time.  Some of us may have grandchildren still alive then, great grandchildren certainly.  And, although we will have survived and lived out our pathetic years, they will not think well of us.  They will curse us as the generation which doomed them to die early, which robbed the future of the past, which denied them the opportunity that every generation throughout human history has had, the opportunity to live and procreate and add another link to the chain.  They will piss on our graves, and speak our names with scorn.
I would rather avoid that.  We need to convert completely to solar and wind energy.  Maybe a bit of kinetic energy here and there.  All of this exists.  We need high speed magnetic and hyperloop trains, we need electric cars, we need to plant trillions of trees and build new cities which are vertical  jungles, to clean the air of the excess carbons it already has.  We need to save the honeybees, and the rain forest, and the coral reefs which are almost all dead already.
We have the technology, we have a deadline, and if a few oil executives, or a few thousand, need to be swept out of the way, then they need to be swept out of the way.  This is an emergency.

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