Donald Trump, Instinct for Science

Trump says that he has a natural instinct for science, and that since there are scientists on both sides of the issue, the climate’s doing fine, the air quality is better than ever, and these things come and go, there’s no proof it’s man made.  There is so much stupidity in that speech, it’s hard to know where to begin, but he did actually say  all  those things.
There is no such thing as an instinct for science.  Science is fact based.  Either something is true, or it isn’t.  He may have meant that he has an ‘aptitude’ for science, but I seriously doubt it.  I’ll bet he can’t name all 8 planets in order or tell you what the first element is in the periodic table, or say what a LaGrange point is, or define a light year.  It is perfectly clear to  anyone with an IQ requiring 3 digits that he is a grade A moron, who probably struggled with science in high school and never got beyond that.
I’ll bet he hasn’t even read any of the science fiction classics.  Maybe some Jules Verne, the comic book  versions.
Then there’s that old ‘there are scientists on both sides’ nonsense.  Not really.  There is, on the one hand, over 90% of the world’s scientist who say that climate change is real, it’s man-made, and if we don’t cut it out we’re all  going to die.  On the other hand, you’ve got people with science degrees who are working for oil companies, writing bullshit for cash.
Then he says “The climate’s doing  great!”  It’s like he hasn’t even noticed the hurricanes, or the summer of wildfires large portions of North America went through  this  summer.
“These things come and go.”  Certainly, that’s true, but when this one comes, human beings are going to be what goes, and it may be that the environment won’t recover for hundreds of thousands of years, and certainly won’t include any human beings.  If he actually understood what’s happening, he might not be so damned flippant.
Then there’s the brilliant “no proof it’s man made” argument.  Of course it is,  but what would  it matter if it weren’t?  It’s still something we should  try to stop.  Trump’s not interested in solving problems, just in  not being blamed for them.
Of course it is man-made, though, and I know a little scientific experiment that would prove it.  Shut all the factories down for a week.  Tell  people to stay  home and not drive.  See if the air isn’t cleaner.  See if the water isn’t cleaner.  Then we’ll know.  That would be science.

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