The B.O.M.B.

I began work today on my next book, or maybe my next next book because there’s also the next book of poetry and I can’t be certain which one will be finished first.  I’m planning on calling the poetry book “The Quest for Enlightenment and Stuff” because most of my poetry books are a random collection  of stuff, but the very act of writing is a quest for enlightenment.  It’s certainly not a quest for money.
The book I started today is just a collection, so it should go very quickly.  It’s to be called “The B.O.M.B.,” which is an acronym for best of my blog.  So, I just have to read through them all, select a hundred or so, write an introduction, and design a cover, which is sort of suggested by the title.
For me, it’s sort of like looking through old photographs.  I  get reminders of incidents in my past, what the weather was like, and my state of mind.
My state of mind, I’m surprised and a little disappointed to find, has not changed all  that much since January, 2010, when I began.  New Year’s Day, actually.  So, it’s one resolution I’ve actually kept.  But, I wrote a lot then about how  the world was going to hell, and couldn’t possibly get any more right wing than it was.  Guess I was wrong about that one.
It sure brought back some memories – remember that time Sandra Bullock kissed Meryl Streep at some awards ceremony?  I’d completely forgotten, but it’s in my blog.
Then there was the winter morning when Sam left his hockey stick at the tram stop and I had to run down and retrieve it and Isabel was sleeping (she was 3), but she was awake before I got back, and she was not happy.

So, the book, like the blog, will be a mix of the political and personal.  While the blog is political more than  50% of the time, I think the book will  lean a bit more to the personal.  However, we’ll see.  It’s the selection process that’s going to be hard.

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