More Nukes?

I just saw the most ironic headline I’ve seen for a long time:  Trump: “U.S. Will Increase Nuclear Arsenal Until Other Nation’s Come to Their Senses”
First off, how much are we going to increase it?  We already have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the whole planet.  We already have far more than any other nation.  Does the fish faced orange fool think that other nations will come to their senses if we have a thousand more nuclear warheads?  a million?  a billion?  a gazillion.  Our nuclear arsenal is already  so huge nobody can wrap their mind around it.  So, nobody is likely to ‘come to their senses.’
And who, exactly, is he threatening?  He loves the North Koreans, and the Saudis, and the Israelis, and the Russians.  China?  Well, maybe, but they are so busy making money and building roads and dams and high speed railways all over the world that the likelihood of them provoking a war with the U.S. is remote indeed.
The one nation that needs to come to it’s senses is the U.S.  Hostility to everybody is not likely to lead to an increase in world peace, and reversing all environmental regulations, what few we have, is  not sensible at all when virtually every  scientist in the world agrees that  we must solve the environmental problem in the next 12 years or we are doomed.
Also, congress is saying we can’t afford Medicare, and Social Security, and Food Stamps.  So, we sure as hell can’t afford more nukes.  That’s just nuts.

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