The Sun and the Moon

Not a real serious blog tonight because I’m feeling a bit under the weather.  Sore throat, ear ache.  It actually hurts when I eat.  So, I’ll just fill up the space by posting a cute little poem I wrote the other day:
Switzerland has its mountains
and Norway has its fjords
Africa has lions,
it’s a thrill to hear them roar
The USA has Disneyland
but when all is said and done
Everyone in the world looks up
and sees the very same sun

South America has its jungle
as wild as it can be
and Europe has ancient cities
with a lot of history
Egypt has the pyramids
the Sahara has its dunes
but we all look up at the sky at night
and see the very same moon

The world’s diverse and beautiful
but one thing we should know
is we all live here together
and there’s nowhere else to go

Glad they caught the bomber.  Good night.

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