Sports and Old Friends

I am not a big sports fan, unless it’s something  special like the Olympics, or World Cup Football, or an American Football Super Bowl, or maybe a title fight in boxing.  When everybody’s talking about it, it becomes history, and I’m very interested in history and like watching it in the making.
But baseball is usually too dull a game to get me to watch it, no matter how high stakes the game, no matter what records are likely to be broken.  But, admittedly, an 18 inning game is pretty amazing, it’s like twice as long as a regular game.  Still, not as long  as a cricket match, those things take days.
Anyway, after 18 innings, a record length for the World Series (there have been longer in regular season play), the Los Angeles Dodger managed to eke out a 4-3 win.  So, congratulations to the L.A. Dodgers.  Still many games to go in the series, though.

My best news of the day was a friend request from an old friend, my best friend on the McGovern campaign back in ’72, we spent a lot of hours together that season, printing up fliers, handing out fliers, canvassing, stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, answering phone calls.  It was great to hear from him.  Still  living in Des Moines, but it sounds as if life has been good to him.   He’s got 11 grandkids.  That’s a happy number.  And we were just a couple  of wild ass hippies, back in the day.
As much as we complain about Facebook, and recently it has been guilty of some egregious partisanship, this is what I love about it.  That part where it says ‘People you should know’ really includes some people you should know, and some people you haven’t been in contact with, like forever, but should be.

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