It’s In the Headline

The general public, of which I am a proud member, has often been accused of slackness on being up to date on current affairs, of forming their opinions based on  an insufficient amount of information, of only reading the headlines before going straight to the comments section, where the general public vents all over the damned place.

Well, that’s only natural, I think, in this fast paced world, because I’m a bit slack myself that way, and besides: headlines should be written to get across as much of the story as possible.
Which brings us to this item from MSNBC. com, which I did actually click on  intending to read the article, but it  was a video of Rachel Maddow.  So,  I read the blurb and listened to a couple of minutes, and I’m not actually disagreeing with Maddow, but…

It was the headline that threw me:  U.S. Military Assessment of Caravan Doesn’t Match Trump’s Panic.  Of course.  And it’s good of Maddow to point that out.  But, ‘Military Assessment?’  Really?  They did a military assessment?  I can give you a brief military assessment right off the top of my head:
Tanks: 0

Aircraft Carriers: 0

Armored Personnel Carriers: 0

Fighter Jets: 0
Bombers: 0

Nuclear Capacity:  most likely 0

Submarines:  Well, of course I’m guessing on this one since subs are under water and therefore invisible, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say 0

Helicopters: 0  News copters don’t count, they are not necessarily on  the caravan’s side.

Heavy Artillery, Bazookas and Rocket Launchers: 0
Trained Military Units: 0  It’s possible that some of them have military experience, but they are not in uniform, marching in formation, or any of that stuff.

Since there is no military presence, the very term ‘military assessment’ is absurd.  What are they going to invade with?   Their  strollers?

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