Stages of History

I’m interested in history, both modern history, and ancient history, and super ancient history.  Right now I’m watching a thing about Atlantis, which is pretty clearly in the ancient category, and earlier today I was watching a thing about the giant insects of the carboniferous era, when the oxygen concentration in the air was too dense for humans to have survived and the very  air was flammable.
The episode on Atlantis this week is focused on Sardinia, but a previous episode  had me pretty well convinced that it was in Southern Spain, West of Gibraltar, and at one point I was convinced that it  was in the Caribbean.  The thing with Atlantis, though, is if  it was a thriving port, it was undoubtedly part of a civilization that spanned many island.  If people are traveling place to place by boat, ideas  are traveling with  them.  So, all suspected sites showing evidence of Atlantean culture could be AN Atlantean city.  Which both diminishes and heighten the legend, depending on  how you want to look at it.
The thing about the giant insects was amazing.  The thing is, Earth, which is this planet that is perfectly adapted for the human race, has gone through  several previous incarnations (and may yet go through a few more, which would not be a good thing for human beings).  It gives us an idea how strange things will be when we  get to other planets.  We may find the perfect one for us, just a few million years too early or a few million years too late.  It’s a big, constantly changing, and infinitely weird  universe out there.

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