The Camp Fire

They’re calling it the Camp Fire, which seems confusing to me, because it conjures up images of hot dogs and marshmallows and all around pleasantness, but apparently it started near a place  called  Camp Creek Road, although it’s well beyond that now.  This one just seemed to come out of nowhere.
At least 5 dead so far, and it’s nowhere near contained, like the process hasn’t even begun because firefighters are focused on getting people evacuated the hell out of there.
The town of Paradise, apparently, has been destroyed, and that is either ironic or just a headline writers twisted dream.
And it’s not the only fire going on, apparently they are all over California.  Now, California does  get wildfires a lot, and maybe the reason this one is freaking me out a bit is that I thought fire season was over, but I guess dry is dry, and you can’t tell the fire it’s out of season, come back next year.
Anyway, between that and the recent floods in Venice, I don’t see how anyone can not be taking global climate change seriously.
A town can be  rebuilt, and it should  be.  Forests can be replanted, and they must be.  And increased.

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