Trump’s New Lows

It’s becoming seriously redundant to point out what a complete jerk Trump is, and it’s hard to say what the most egregious thing in the last couple of days has been: was it his ridiculous behavior toward Jim Acosta, banning him from the press corps?  That’s probably the incident that could cause him the most legal trouble.
Or was it his reaction to the wild fires in California: “This is due to terrible forest management so I’m going to cut off funds, because that always improves performance, by golly.”  It’s as if he’s fed up with always being criticized for his incompetent and indifferent responses to natural disasters, so this time he’s just decided to say ‘Screw it.  They’ll get no government response, not even hope and prayers.’
Those are two strong contenders, but then there’s Paris.  He went there because it’s the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, but then he  bailed on the service at the cemetery.  Because it was raining, as it sometimes does in Paris.  In fact, there were times when it did during WWI, and soldiers would be stuck in it for extended periods, and sometimes they didn’t even have umbrellas, plus people were shooting at them.
I’d like to say that this  is a clear sign of the final unraveling, but it’s not.  His base doesn’t care.  They hate California, they hate France, and they hate CNN, along with a few other states, several other nations and news network, and almost all races and religions.  And it certainly won’t be enough to persuade Nancy Pelosi to impeach, because she’s the most useless individual in the entire universe.

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