Broward County Blues

Well, the recounts are  on so Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum still have a shot, Stacey Abrams is holding firm, she is a heroine to all of us, and Sinema seems to be leading McSally  out in Arizona, so that’s a good thing.
The thing with the Florida elections is it does seem to be coming down to Broward County, and a whole bunch of ballots which were found still  in their boxes, coincidentally uncounted.  Now, the view on the left, the popular conspiracy theory, partially fueled by the fact that we like Tim Canova and think Debbie Wasserman Schultz should be in jail and are all extremely out of sorts with the actual results, is that DWS (who is no stranger to cheating at elections, as we all know), was holding back those boxes of ballots because they were all people who’d voted for Tim Canova.  Since almost everybody who voted for Canova would have also voted for Gillum and Nelson, this cost Gillum and Nelson a lot of votes.  They might still pull through, but if it turns out that’s what actually happened, I do hope it is publicized loudly and longly throughout the land, and not just on Facebook and Twitter where they are talking about it already.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz is willing to risk other Democrats seats to assure her own re-election.  She hasn’t been charged with  that, and innocent until proven guilty is what would apply in a court of law, but this is my blog and my standards of proof are a good deal lower.

She should be in jail for her role in the 2016 primaries, so  I’m not  cutting  her any slack now.

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