AOC and Rashida Tlaib

There was a moment, a brief moment, when I saw that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was participating in a protest in Nancy Pelosi’s office, that I thought “mmm, that might be a bit of over-reach.  She’s in congress now, she’s going to need to work with Pelosi, perhaps this is not the most dignified, etc…” and then I quickly got over it because of course this is exactly the kind of thing the world needs and this is exactly the reason she was elected.
It got some publicity and it put the Democratic Party on notice that if they shoehorn Pelosi into the speaker’s position again, it will be mighty rough sailing ahead.
Also, I love the cause that the protest was about.  Climate change.  Citing the U.N. ’12 year’ study, they demanded that the Democrats form a committee to come up with a plan to completely transition to green energy.  This is a great platform.  Who can actually stand up and say they are against the environment?  Not only is it the most important issue of our times, it is a winning issue.
Then I saw Michigan’s new congresswoman elect, Rashida Tlaib, addressing a crowd outdoors in D.C., but a lot of people had the same signs as the people in Pelosi’s office, and it very much seemed to be part of the same protest.  All I’ve got to say is she’s just as cool and inspiring as Ocasio-Cortez, she just hasn’t got as much publicity.
o, though that’s only 2 people out of 435, I sense that there will be a change in tone in this upcoming congress.  And I am totally looking forward to it.

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