A Green New Deal

I’m no scientist, so I’ve got more questions than answers, and any speculation on my part re the current spate of fires in California is just speculation, but damn, they just seemed to come out of nowhere and spread like …what could  you possibly say a wildfire spreads like to make it more dramatic than a wildfire?  And they were out of season.  I suppose due to global warming California might be in the middle of a more extended drought than usual, but my own personal theory is that due to all the carbon particles in the air, the air has actually become more flammable.  Just throwing that out there.

In any event, I’m glad that AOC and her buddies in the incoming crowd of shit-stirrers have chosen ‘a Green New Deal’ as one of  their main issues.  By phrasing it like that it becomes a jobs program and I’ve got no problem with that.  You could employ every unemployed person in the country planting trees at $15 an hour.  It would cost some money but the benefits would be huge.  You’d eliminate unemployment.  You’d eliminate homelessness.  You’d clean up the air, provide a lot of shade, plenty of fruit and nuts, and make the world a more beautiful and pleasant place.  How to pay for it?  Well, New York state could pass on giving Amazon $2 billion dollars, that would help.  The U.S. could not give any military aid to Israel or Saudi Arabia for a year.  That’s like $20 or 30 billion.  They could legalize marijuana at the federal level.  I’m  not even talking about the money raised by taxing it and stuff.  Just the money saved because you don’t need to prosecute and imprison so many people, which costs a lot.
This ‘how are you going to pay for it?’ argument is bullshit.  It’s necessary.   We need to save the world and if we jump in with a full scale, all  hands on deck effort, it will  be a transformative thing and the world economy will come out the other end stronger than ever, rather like it did with WWII.

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